All My Pigeons

January 10, 2015

I truly never dreamed my little flock of pigeons would be so sweet and demanding at the same time.  Diablo, the rock pigeon, has truly stolen my heart and a little mountain dove named Hansel flies in every morning and evening to boss me into feeding her.  My neighbour, retired artist and nature lover, brought Manu to my flock.  Manu is a white man bird.  He has the authority of a king and once ignored by this human, can be quite independent.














This is Billy, he is the kind of our school farm. He is a chubby boy! One thing on this guy’s mind. His stomach!

This is Hansel. She was released about three weeks ago and has declared me to be her servant. She flies in morning and afternoon to be fed then off she goes until she is ready for me to wait on her again. I oblige her whims of fancy. Better to be the save of a little mountain dove than…well, you get my point.

Goats. The best description I have for these dear animals is “head up-tail down-eating”. Goats love to eat.


My lily pond.

Pigeons are delightful, if not very funny and loveable pets. And quiet! Pigeons are quiet. Your neighbours will not be complaining about loud parrots next-door.




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