I Love Pigeons

Pigeons make wonderful pets.   I have four darling pigeons who are forever keeping me entertained and a treat to come home to every day.

The basic needs of pigeons are as follows:

1. Housing: A good size for four pigeons would be at least 6 feet long by 4 feet deep and 6 feet high. It should be vermin and predator proof. The aviary floor should be cleaned once a day (pigeons spend a lot of time on the ground) and the entire aviary (perches and other surfaces) should be cleaned once a week to keep the pigeons healthy.

2. Fresh water (change it twice a day if it gets dirty quickly). Bathing: Once or twice a week cover the floor with a shower curtain, put out a tub with water, and watch the fun.

3. Pigeon food: A good racing pigeon mix from a feed supply is best. Snacks: Some snacks that pigeons enjoy are raw unsalted peanuts (small, NOT roasted), safflower, sunflower hearts, hemp, sesame seeds (raw), fruits and veggies: Mine especially like papaya (with the seeds) and sprouts.
**Avoid Avocado as it’s toxic to all birds. **Avoid Veggies like Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

4. Red grit, if you can find it. It contains crushed oyster shells which is a good source of calcium. Feed is so fresh nowadays that many feed stores do not carry grit. Do offer calcium.

5. Supplements:

a. Pigeons kept indoors without exposure to direct sunlight will need a vitamin supplement because they do not produce their own vitamin D3, so build your aviary on the lanai or outside and let your birds enjoy the morning sun.

b. Adding a little Apple cider vinegar to the water once a week, helps keep their system acidic to prevent diseases like coccidiosis, canker and crop candida. The dose is 1 tbsp per gallon of fresh water.

c. Mixing probiotic powder (from the human health-food shelf) or a dollop of Greek yogurt with a few drops of sunflower oil, garlic oil, or corn oil, into the seed ration for the day will help maintain good bacteria in their gut.

d. Grating a tiny bit of garlic in the water bowls will keep feathers looking nice and internal parasites away.


2 thoughts on “I Love Pigeons

    1. Aloha. Thanks for reading my post! I just use whatever is on the shelf at the grocery store. Just a drop in the water is enough. I do this about every other week. Enjoy your pigeons!

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